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About Megan

Hello, I'm Megan Homan! I'm going to introduce myself and share a little about the Heart Frequency Healing energies I offer to the world, my cosmic heart passions, and gifts that I enjoy bringing to our collective community.


My journey of Awakening over the last 2.5 decades began with a three year apprenticeship with a shaman from Ecuador.  He invited us to open our hearts and connections to all of life.  He introduced me to the worlds of healing, energy, and wisdom.


I graduated that apprenticeship and dove into the studies of healing arts, energy, and spirtual studies.  These journeys lead me to become a Reiki Master Teacher, to pilgramage to India to visit Sai Baba, and become a certified Massage Therapist.  


I continued my studies of energy and massage therapy by adding intuitive sound healing into my practice.  I also became certified in Theta Healing.  It is an energy practice that invites transformation of limiting belief systems.


My main focus and gifts have been centered around a love and passion for energy healing, spiritual studies, travel adventure, intuitive sound therapies, and massage therapies.  Now all those loves and passions have combined into a new development of gifts I offer.


As my third eye chakra became activated and opened, I felt a connection to beings that felt like home to me.  I learned that they were the Ancient Andromedans.  A collective from Andromeda who live in this galaxy now.  I now channel their High Frequencies into our world.  The Ancient Andromedans are available to assist us in many ways. They answer questions, they give personal or collective messages, sound healings, and high frequency energy sessions.  The Ancient Andromedans facilitated my connection to the Andromedan Council of Nine, 12th Dimensional Beings who have become my main guides and assist in connecting me to more of my Cosmic Heart.


I'm also honored and deeply humbled to be an Ambassador for the Cetacean Nation. I have been birthed into Cetacean consciousness and invited into their cosmic watery realms of joy, love flow, and abundance. They visit me to teach, learn, and create the New Earth together. A pod of spirit dolphins and whales guide me, assist, and channel their high frequency, healing energies in the Cetacean sessions I offer.


I integrate, channel, and communicate with an every growing expanse of consciousness. I'm connected strongly to the Andromedan Galaxy, The Sirians, The Arcturians, The Pleidians, Many Hybrid Races, and other entities, elementals, and beings that share Earth with us.  I bring a full Heart Frequency version of myself to every session and intend for the perfect medicines for your body, mind, heart and consciousness be received.  


Ready to transform?  Ready to bask in a new awareness of who you really are and release any limiting belief systems?  Let's travel the healing heart realms together and find our true treasures of being.  Book your session now....


Our fingerprints are the blueprints of our Soul. My fingerprints revealed, "Megan Homan is a uniquely gifted healer/visionary, standing out, leading her cause, inspiring her community, finding her balance by openly sharing her world changing messages."  Within are my gifts, my challenges, and my inspiration.


We went to the beach the other day to sit and relax for an hour. 


Kristen said she was going to relax and call the dolphins according to something you taught her. About 20 minutes later right in front of our chairs dolphins came right up to the beach right by us.  Hundreds of people came over by us to see them. 


In our 4 years here and hundreds of hours at the beach, we have never seen dolphins until Kristen sat and called to them. 


Very Cool. 


I took today off and we are going back to the beach again for some late afternoon time in nature. 


Thanks Megan

Steven & Kristen, Florida

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