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Lie down, close your eyes, and soak in the High FrequenSEAS of the Great Whales & Dolphins in this peaceful, guided meditation that I created just for YOU!

Hello PODners! My name is Megan Homan and I reside in Tucson, Arizona. I'm a "Whale in the Desert," and with the support of the Great Whales & Dolphins I facilitate Cetacean Energetic Sessions that lift away the weights we have placed on our hearts and lives so that we may live our happiness and the true radiance of our soul may shine bright. 


Here's a little about my journey with the Great Whales & Dolphins: Everyday with great pleasure and consciousness, I connect physically or energetically with the Whales & Dolphins and their Higher FrequenSEAS. I love facilitating, and receiving, their awakened frequencies in my life, and sharing the Cetacean Energetics Sessions & Wisdom with others. I offer personal and group sessions, Cetacean Retreats, and daily changelings on Facebook.


After swimming with the North Atlantic Humpback Whales & beautiful, Wild Atlantic Spotted Dolphins for the first time on the Silver Bank in the Dominican Republic about 6 years ago, my life was beneficially, forever altered. I have been on an accelerated path of learning from the Cetaceans, being their voice and ambassador, awakening to higher and higher levels of FrequenSEAS, and following their lead of Living in our Hearts and accessing the Eternal Ocean within us all where Infinite Potential & Possibilities exist, or in other words, where miracle energy, and solution energy reside.


I love facilitating CETACEAN ENERGETIC SESSIONS, which is a Quantum Health Modality overlighted, co-created, and guided by the Great Whales & Dolphins. CETACEAN ENERGETICS helps people create Health, Awakening, and the living of being IN LOVE with their life. These sessions are facilitated in person or on-line through the ZOOM platform.  In these guided sessions with the Great Whales & Dolphins you learn how to BE, Receive, and Sustain the Highest Visions of your Heart through aligning with Higher FrequenSEAS and deeply listening to the vast, infinite expanses within your sacred heart for guidance and solutions.  I'm also excited to announce that I am a Certified Facilitator of Whale & Dolphin Light Energy Medicine through Laurie Reyon & Master Cat Puddah. Please see below for descriptions of ALL the Cetacean Sessions I offer and ways to say "YES!" to an UPGRADED SELF, and to book your appointment today. You deserve it!


At least once or twice a year I go and swim or bask in the presence of our Wild Cetacean Family somewhere in the world's ONE OCEAN, and receive live infusions and downloads of their energy. Every year those reunions get more intimate, profound, and heart awakening. I'm with great pleasure and love leading Cetacean Retreats to Kona, The Big Island, Lemuria; That feels like a dream come true to be doing what I absolutely love and sharing it with others. The retreat is focused on swimming with the Wild Dolphins, being immersed in Cetacean Energetics, and being in the Presence of the Great Whales almost everyday. Please visit my Upcoming Events on this site to learn more and to register. If you're interested in this Sacred Adventure, or others I will be offering, please also join our mailing list at the top of this page.


I'm currently excited to introduce people to other species of Cetaceans through the Whale Medicine Wheel that I received from an Ancient Mother of Whales.  It gifts people the opportunity to receive and apply the elevated energies of Whale medicines and wisdom in their lives.  I recently presented and guided people through the Whale Medicine Wheel on Cari Murphy's show, Straight Talk for the Soul.  I also give private sessions, and those can be purchased below.


Know I feel called, blessed, and honored to be a part of this POD community with you, in radiant PEACE, JOY, and BLISS of the Whales &Dolphins, and my own heart, thank you and I'm happy to be here!

Living in Infinite Love & Gratitude,

Megan Homan

Cetacean Energetics CLEAN.jpg









Cetacean Energetics CLEAN.jpg
where there's a whale , there's a Way! A


     Where there's a Whale, there's a Way!

                   Allow the Whales & Dolphins to lift away all the weights                          of your heart so your true self may shine brightly


Whale Medicine Wheel-3.png
What is the Whale Medicine Wheel? The WMW is a Sacred Circle with 8 Guardian Whale Elders & Energetics represented on Cardinal Direction Points. They transmit a Full Spectrum of High Heart FrequenSEAS, Medicines, and Teachings of Unity Consciousness from ALL of the Whales. The WMW was gifted to Me by my Whale Family and can be used very specifically for Individual or Collective Spiritual Guidance, Healing, & for Awakening Unity Consciousness, and creating together the 5th Dimensional New Earth. 

During a Whale Medicine Wheel Session, you will also receive a Dolphin DNA Activation.

What is a Dolphin DNA Activation? The Dolphin DNA activations are building off the WMW and the 12 Layers of DNA as presented by Kryon.  The Dolphins guide us to a Layer or Layers of DNA that would be beneficial for us to consciously focus upon and then they provide a unique activation for our DNA.  

I offer 90 min On-line Sessions over the Zoom Platform. 

The Cetaceans and I brought our newest offering the Whale Medicine Wheel to Cari Murphy's amazingly special Straight Talk for the Soul show & community.  What a most beautiful and powerful show it was, if you missed it, and would like to book a private and personalized journey into the Whale Medicine Wheel, we are excited to offer this new session below.  Each 90 minute session is done virtually over the zoom platform.

"AMAZING show with Megan Homan! -Experience a Powerful Quantum Event & Divine Activity of LIGHT with the Dolphins and Whales!!

This is a Cosmic Invitation to FEEL Harmony in a UNITY COMMUNITY! Play with us in the quantum field! Hear the celebratory sounds of the dolphins and the melodies from the whales as we ride the shimmering golden waves of unity together!


BE reminded by the Cetaceans (Dolphins and Whales) that -




Experience a magnificent, miraculous journey into the Whale Medicine Wheel where you will receive the perfect energetics for you. This whale medicine wheel is a quantum journey into an accelerated chamber of light full of divine frequencies, sacred geometries, and whale wisdom. There are specifically eight species of Whales (Gray, Orca, Blue, Humpback, Bowhead, Sperm, Narwhal, and Beluga) that worked with us, bringing specific medicines depending on where you etherically sit in the 8 pointed star wheel of infinity, and additionally in the journey we are overlighted by a huge host of Cetaceans, Ascended Masters, and Angels as well, and Mother Gaia. The Whale Medicine Wheel will give you medicines from the Whales you can use to gain insight, receive a healing or unique medicine for your life, and/or navigate with more love, wisdom, and joy through your experiences. Determine which of the 8 rays you resonate with most during the journey and learn about the specific quantum medicine/elixirs and messages from that particular whale! Truly an incredible experience!" -Straight Talk for the Soul  (Thank you!!!)

I've been waiting for the words to tell you how much the 

session meant to Stanley  and me.   It was everything--  and more!


Your gentle and cosmic-grounded  presence flows through your

words and is very powerful.  I'm so glad that my Being could take

in such a great offering from the Cetations.


My heart was able to open to such an extent,  in the following 

days,  that I physically  felt my heart expanding.   I've never made

that direct correlation before.


I was touched by your energetic preparation for our time together!!

Touched,  and I loved it.   And I loved that  Gaia  presented herself

for you,   just as she did during the swimming with the dolphins.


There is so much more that continues to present itself as experiences

continue with the Cetation energy.   It continues..  it's  alive within

me now.


And the "frosting on the cake"  is the JOY  activation with the living

pyramid through  the 10th Chakra.    I do it all day!!   Its the JOY that

I knew was part of my being--  but that I was not connecting with.

"Well, that was profound and profoundly beautiful. Those were my first thoughts after completing my session with Megan Homan. I felt I'd been taken to a whole new world that had only been hinted at in my dreams, a world (and dreams) in which I could now become a living participant. The cetaceans touched upon issues that loomed large in my life, primarily health-related and having to do with creativity. By the time their life-affirming messages had sunk in, I felt as though enormous weights had been lifted from me and I was enjoying the buoyancy that is their birthright. Megan is a loving and gentle guide I never felt anything less than completely safe in her hands. She has my eternal gratitude as do all the divine beings who showed up for me during my session. In my life, there have been a very few things -- books, films, classes, observations of Nature, etc. -- that made me look at the world in an entirely different way afterward. This was one of them. I strongly believe you will feel the same way too." ~ Burt K.

-R. S., New Mexico

Awakening your inner whale Four Whale At

One Whale Attunement: $144

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The Whole Four Whale Attunment Package: $555

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HI Megan, thank you so much for that transformative healing. It still continued today and I feel a huge shift. I am so grateful for your amazing work.


I will continue to read the message from the whales.


Thanks again.

E.C., Colorado

Add a heading-5.jpeg

Dear Megan,

I really appreciate the revelations and depth of our session. You facilitated it beautifully from your heart. 

Thank you so much!


"I have remembered to sparkle at times when I was tempted to 'hide'. The message you channeled from the whales is a special gift.

I had the intention of healing joint pain and my joints are pain free since the healing. Interesting that it took me a while (over a month) to notice that."


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