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Opening to Cetacean Wisdom and our own Divinity

by Megan Homan

ONE HEART: Opening to Cetacean Wisdom and our own Divinity by Megan Homan


the impetus to write these whale teachings came from a series of downloads that I received in 2017-18 from an energy collective that I initially interpreted as "The Cetaceans."  As I opened the downloads,  it was revealed they were coming from the energy of a "mother of all whales,"  and that she resided in the star system of sirius b.  As I began to connect more, I began to refer and call her amma.  Amma revealed to me that she is the mother energy of all the whales on our planet, and to some on other Planets, and in other Galaxies.  all the cetaceans on our planet consciously connect to her energy.  All the Cetaceans on our planet are here in service to humanity and Gaia,  As I spent more and more time  in the presence of Cetaceans either through spirit communications like with Amma, or swimming and visiting with wild Cetaceans, I realized all whales and dolphins live in and from their expanded, Multidimensional Heart Intelligences, fully Present in the moment.  They can remember where they come from and know where their Souls are desiring to go.  Through their Hearts, the Cetaceans, consciously connect to the realms of their Souls and access the Infinite Potential and Possibility of the moment.  


Their Unique Medicines, offerings into expanded realms of consciousness, and their awakened presences invite us to explore and create in a whole new Way.  This way is one with the Heart and authentically fulfilling for our Souls.  Most of humanity after being immersed in the worlds of duality for eons are ready now to make this journey to the lands of peace & honey of the heart.  The Cetaceans live the way and that's why they are perfect guides and teachers for those who resonate with them.  their presences always invite me into expanded realms of awareness and consciousness. I follow their leads and go  into deep Soul Dives and into leaps that explore Love, Joy and the High Frequencies of Heart living. The frequencies that cetaceans masterfully embody are full of Forgiveness, Peace, Love, Joy and the bliss of the Infinite.  You're invited to journey with us to the fullness of living in the heart.

I was given the name of this teaching series, "One Heart," in a crystal clear transmission early on in the process of these writings. There was such a strong emphasis placed by Amma on the name, ONE HEART,  that I felt that the words were extremely important to what would unfold, and were meant to guide and usher in the cetacean wisdom that would come through me. Each cetacean species that I research and connect to has unique, spiritual Medicines, and they each teach how to use their medicines to create a greater flow in our lives by connecting to the One Heart that is inherent within us all. 


My journey writing this cetacean series has been an intuitive process of aha! moments, and deep dives & explorations into always new waters of the Infinite, One Heart.  The One Heart has become a tangible Presence in my life that is always inviting me to surrender the limits of my mind and fully open instead to Quantum realms of infinite potential and possibility. The focus of these cetacean teachings has been to explore their medicines, invitations, and the unique Energy and Wisdom they each bring to us and our world.  Each Cetacean in their own way invites us into the expression and experience of the fullness of our Hearts & Souls,  and into the Magical, Source Energy, that the Cetaceans call the, “One Heart.” 

As I understand the One Heart, it is the Heart Womb of an Eternal Creation, the Source of All of Life, that expresses as us and as all of existence.  The One Heart is the fundamental pulse of life that unites everything in existence in an eternal wholeness. The essential essence of the One Heart resonates with the pure frequencies of unconditional love and light that harmoniously unite all of existence in a sacred life force energy.  Love and light connect everything known and unknown together in this Heart Womb of Creation. Our hearts eternally connect and beat to the Source Energies and frequency inspirations of the One Heart.  The One Heart has infinite names so use the one that works best with your operating system.

We are always choosing, sometimes in default mode, whether we prefer to express or suppress our Divinity, our love and light, and either exploration is perfect and valid in the unconditional essence of the One Heart.  If you are reading this cetacean introduction or series, you are probably interested  in expressing and experiencing more of your Divinity. It is my hope that this cetacean Series gives you the tools, inspirations, and permission slips to create a sanctuary for your Soul to thrive here on Earth with purpose, and to experience even more of who you are as divinity incarnated.


If you have been in the Presence of Cetacean Energy then you know they are masters at creating sanctuaries for their souls to express, and we can learn a lot from their expansive embodiments of Heart,  Soul,  and One Heart Energy.  The Cetaceans model for us their deep dives from the inner alters of their our own open and present hearts, into the peaceful depths and heart of the Mother Earth, and into spacious swims in the endless expanses of the Ocean of the One Heart. Our hearts are magical and where divine inspiration and miracles, large and small, can be discovered. and opened like flower petals to the sun. The Cetaceans are offering a meditation below so that we may have, if we choose, the conscious experience of basking in the high frequencies of the One Heart.  

One Heart Meditation

From the alter of your own heart, inhale a breath of life, and let go of all the concerns and demands of your day, just for this moment.  Notice how wonderful it feels to just  stop and release your stories, thoughts, and agendas for this moment.  As you inhale, notice the peace and spaciousness that offering yourself this conscious breath and retreat from your day gives you. Witness  how you are feeling in this moment.  Notice if there’s any sensations in your body; Are you warm or cold?  Are you calm or agitated? Just notice, and breathe. You are present in the moment.  You are present to your Heart. What would it feel like to fully open to the Divine Energies of the One Heart?  I invite you on your next inhale to visualize yourself in a field of iridescent light.  This radiant light extends infinitely outward in all directions. Feel as this pristine light and divine love vitalizes your whole being.   Feel the warmth of this light and love penetrate and envelope every cell, the field around you, and your whole being.  You are unconditionally loved. Bask in this love. Now imagine this light and love flowing from you and energizing something special to your heart.  Feel as this magical energy moves through you blessing  your heart vision and touching everything in your life. Savor this boundless love  and light the divine unconditionally offers you.  There is nothing you need to do to deserve this love and light.  You are inherently always worthy.  Feel the infinite love and support that the One Heart has for you. Know that you are unique, special, and essential to the wholeness of the One Heart. Feel as your heart uplifts and smiles with joy. Notice you are  embodying the uplifting frequencies of love and joy.  You are pulsing the Divine Frequencies of Love and Light from your open heart to your life and the world.  You are a Divine Being of Light and love.   Know you may open to and flow your Divine Light and Energy whenever you desire. Acknowledge that you have spent these moments embodying, expressing, and flowing your infinite light and love to your life and world. Congratulate yourself on claiming this Sanctuary for your Soul to express its true nature. You choose moment to moment the frequencies and energies that you pulse out to your life that create your experience of your reality.  The Cetaceans invite you to feel the Ocean of Love that is always all around and within you, and from the space of your own Heart, open to the fullness of your Soul Energy, Light, and Codes.  Drink deeply from this Infinite well of Light and Love that always flows to, from, and through you. Let your light shine brighter and stronger everyday. Celebrate this increase of light and love that you have consciously brought to your being and day, and smile. You are one with the One Heart, and connected to All That Is.  May you open often to blessings, miracles, and inspirations, big and small, filling your moments with greater perspectives of your own bright divinity and wholeness. 

The cetaceans are reminding us, "It is from the Sacred space of your Heart that you can truly connect with love to everything.  It is from the Sanctuary of your Heart that you can express, experience, and flow more and more of your Soul and the One Heart into your lives. from your mind, drop into your heart often, it is a short trip.  Your heart and soul are original creations.  you are unique, and an inseparable and indivisible aspect of creation.  Be the fullest you that you can be!  


"we hope that you will experience the operating system of your heart come on board, and that these teachings from the Heart of the Cetacean Nation will be a blessing to you, and over flow with the perfect medicines for your whole being. You are welcome to call on us and we will respond. Our energies are given in highest service and to steward the full awakening of heart that is about to commence on this beautiful Planet, mother Gaia."

---The Cetacean Nation, “we Open our Hearts to You.” 

This One Heart series is comprised of teachings from 8 species of whales from our planet, and the specific medicines and wisdom that they each offer in assisting the journey of our awakening Hearts.  The medicine wheel of whale wisdom for this series begins with the Gray Whale, and then goes to the Orca teachings, then Blue Whale, and the Humpbacks, then the bowhead whales, and Sperm whale, and the magical Narwhal, and the high frequency love of the Belugas will bring us into full circle  and a new spiral.

Each whale teaching will be released as I finish receiving them.  The Gray Whale Medicines and teachings on "the frequencies of forgiveness" is now available for purchase (see below).  The Grey Whale series invites us to dive deep into the soul of forgiveness and discover new gifts that can free our spirit and allow us to experience the fullness of our beings and why we are here.  Gray Whale speaks, "The soul of forgiveness presents in a myriad of ways, sometimes she's  loud waves crashing in your heart, sometimes she's very subtle like a water drop that evaporates into air  in any of her forms forgiveness is urging a change within you for your soul's growth.  When you feel the soul of forgiveness visit your heart, recognize her as a beautiful gift to be unwrapped that will lead you to an eternal ocean of only more love and more of yourself."

Thank you, I hope you enjoy this whale wisdom series as much as i have enjoyed writing and creating with the cetaceans.

infinite love,


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