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The Teachings of the Humble Humpbacks


This winter as I began preparations to go swim for the first time with humpback whales in their breeding and birthing grounds on the Silver Bank, 70 miles off the coast of the Dominican Republic, in the Atlantic Ocean, a spiritual consultation or guiding words of wisdom seemed in order. I knew that many of the cetaceans on our planet, especially the Humpbacks, have deep relationship, connection, and frequency streamings from the star system of Sirius, the brightest and closest star to earth besides our sun. Brad Johnson, who channels Adronis, a Sirian Ambassador, offers three question sessions, so I asked him about my upcoming journey and received some guiding reflections on the humpbacks.

At first, I was not sure how to apply some of the main information I received from the session such as the Humpbacks are “Humbled Creatures.” Adronis really focused on their humility by referring to it several times. He suggested that there was a “humility to them that must be understood,” and the invitation from Adronis was to use my own humility to connect to their energy in the strongest way. He finished his guidance to my question about the humpbacks with the suggestion, “that being humble with them would place me in their telepathic range and allow a channeling state to take place.”

I began to think about what humility meant to me before going on the trip. I would ask myself, “What does it mean to be humble?” A working, healthy understanding of humility was a bit of a mystery to me. I kept it in the back of my mind though as I interacted with the humpbacks, “they are humble.” What did come naturally to me was opening my heart completely to the Humpback whales in reverent service, respect, and abiding love. Their majestic presence, songs, and relationships permeate the waters of the Silver Bank. I expressed, right through all my fears, the fullest version of myself to them. I sang to them. I loved them. I came alive fully to my surroundings in the present moment. When I returned to land, I knew I had shifted something tremendous within. I, and the reflections around me, contained a new vibrancy and life that were noticibly more joyous, love filled, and harmonious.

The gifts I have received from being attuned to their energies keeps unfolding and growing. The whales have taught me about creating and holding sacred space that allowed and invited me to transform into a fuller, more exciting version of myself. I find spirit whales and dolphins, upon invitation, coming into my light frequency sessions with clients and weaving their magical energy offerings. Most exciting to me, is that I’m connected to them in such a way now that I can hear and feel them communicate with me. They channel energy and frequencies through me and swim in my etheric field. They are there for me and provide guidance and wisdom. They remind me that I’m family, a member of the pod, and of the Cetacean Nation.

I share this post now, for another teaching gift of the Humpbacks recently came synchronistically full circle to me as I listened to a talk by Caroline McHugh on the Art of Being Yourself. I was struggling with integrating some new information I received. I was unsure how I felt about certain people, the information, and how to proceed. Mental riffs were consuming some of my energy and weighing me down. In this immensely liberating talk, Caroline, shares a definition of humility that she had heard from a friend. “Humility is not thinking less of yourself. Humility is thinking about yourself less.” Caroline revealed that early on as a child with her mother’s help she cultivated a “spectacular disregard for where my abilities end. Spectacular disregard for being the center of attention. You are the center of my attention.” The humpback whales bring their whole nature in service to our planet. They bring the gifts of their being forth in full presence. They are masters of the Art of Being. Humbleness is the complete commitment to bringing forth who we are to the world and the the complete disregard for anything that detracts us from that mission. When we are engaged fully in being ourselves, when that is our life’s mission, there is no resistance to our expression. We are in perfect harmony with all of life when we honor who we are and commit fully to being ourselves.

We have so many stabalizing examples of being ourselves to guide us, most animals in our world are themselves fully, most plants, and trees, and planetary, solar, and cosmic consciousness expressions, fully engage their gifts. Wendy Kennedy, channels a collective of 9th dimensional Pleiadian beings, and in one of her classes, Transformation with Sound, she said the humpbacks, “they’re here to hold frequencies of tone and sound here on the planet. That’s why they sing. They harmonize, they stimulate the celestial body, if you will, they are working with earth as they make their tones and sounds, as they sing to the mother earth, they are healing her, they are working with her, healing her body.” The humpback whales have discovered their gifts, and they continue to share and cultivate the expression of their gifts to the world. They invite us to do the same.

We are these fractilized versions of our soul having experiences on this planet. Most of us are only expressing a small portion of the fractal of who we are, and because we are depriving the world of our gifts we have endless distortions, mental anguishes, and reigning disharmony reflecting in our world. If we all expressed our gifts, committed a 100% of our energy to exploring what gifts we have to share, and shared them with spectacular disregard to how they are perceived by the illusionary critics, judges, and infamous others we would liberate ourselves from the pains of our existence. Only all our gifts combined restore the natural symbiotic relationship of the world and create a glorious harmony, the new earth, that becomes the foundation for positive, healthy expression of relationship with all of life on our planet and beyond.

The invitation of those Humble Humpbacks is to commit all of yourself to creatively birthing your dreams, your gifts, and your excitements. What are your gifts? Discover them. Offer them forth, shift and increase with every moment the percentage that your being is bringing your gifts to the world. Have a spectacular humility that gives you the freedom to care about your life mission, the gifts of yourself you’re meant to share so much so that you think of yourself less and your mission of being you more. Feel the presence of being, almost majestic like the whales, the freedom, and harmony of nature and abundance of living that the Cetaceans have with very little material objects, content and present they are, and that is our experience when we get creative about expressing ourselves every moment and less focused about things out of our control which is EVERYTHING else.

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