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My Blessing from the Cetacean Elders

This is I message I received from the Sirian Cetacean Elders:

"You are an honorary member of the Cetacean Nation. You have been birthed into Dolphin Consciousness; Harmony is your guide. Your role is to develop your skills as an Interspecies Communicator and Contact.

Continue to transmit frequenSEAS that balance and harmonize the Mother Earth.

Explore your family inside your Cosmic Heart.

We are One Heart, One Family, One Love.

You are a skilled facilitator of the Cetacean Energies. Your expansive heart will guide many to the Light. You will help many discover their Inner Gifts. Together we will Awaken the Hearts of many to the FrequenSEAS of Full Spectrum expression, JOY, and the Freedom of Unconditionality in Love and Life.

You have the Blessings and full Support of the Sirian Elders and all of the Cetacean Nation.

All is One. We leave you in the Peace and Harmony of our Infinite Love."

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